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Rings symbols of eternal love

Have you have found your true love? Seal it with a ring, forged from precious metals, as precious and unique as your love. Whether wedding rings, engagement rings or friendship rings, whether unusual jeweller's techniques or class="brandical design - I'll gladly assist you with your personal choice.

In addition to traditional wedding rings you can also choose from elaborately forged rings in Mokume-Gane or Damascene steel. Mokume-Gane is an ancient Japanese jewelry technique where different coloured layers of metal are welded together. The result is a high-contrast pattern. The name Mokume-Gane reflects this because in Japanese "Moku" means wood, "Me" means eye and "Gane" means metal. Likewise, Damascene steel is also characterized by its decorative pattern. The Damascene steel hails from Damascus and is formed by welding together several iron or forged steel layers. Etching or polishing brings to light the clear structure of the metal layers.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, and friendship rings are a sign of eternal love as well as the bond between two people. Both the individual patterns of the damask and Mokume-Gane-rings represent this, as well as my Mobius band rings, symbolizing infinity.

I will gladly advise you in choosing your perfect ring.
Manuela Nitsche

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